OT: CrossPlatform email client?

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at gmx.de
Wed Nov 12 09:39:32 UTC 2003

Douglas Furlong wrote:

>Setting up an imap server under Redhat, is actually incredibly easy for
>small scale setups.
>You require the imap/pop package, this is imap-2002d-3 for me. It should
>with any luck be on the fedora cd's, or get it using any of the methods
>available (up2date, yum, apt, I believe all of these will do it).
>Then you need to edit /etc/xinetd.d/imap (or imaps, which is secure),
>and change the disable line to no, and restart xinetd.


# chkconfig --list | less
# chkconfig imap on
# service xinetd restart

>It's as simple as that, which to me is pretty darn simple indeed.


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