Installing usd dsl modem

jf j_f at
Wed Nov 12 10:01:32 UTC 2003

I'm trying to install the following product :
vendor: Bewan
product: Adsl usb st modem

I get the driver source a site, compiled them 
loaded the module with modprobe unicorn_usb_atm
the module seems to load ok
but when plugging in the usb cable I get (in /var/log/message) 
Nov 10 21:45:48 linux kernel: hub.c: new USB device 00:10.2-2, assigned
address 4
Nov 10 21:45:48 linux kernel: usb.c: USB device 4 (vend/prod
0x7fa/0x1012) is not claimed by any active driver.
Nov 10 21:45:51 linux usb.agent[9051]: ... no modules for USB product
This modem is reported to work on mandrake 9.1 and knoppix 3.2

looking at the windows drivers in the setup.ini file I've found:
HardwareDeviceId1 = "PCI\VEN_104A&DEV_0500&SUBSYS_A888104A&REV_10"
HardwareDeviceId2 = "PCI\VEN_104A&DEV_0500&SUBSYS_A889104A&REV_10"
HardwareDeviceId3 = "USB\VID_07FA&PID_A904&REV_0100"
HardwareDeviceId4 = "USB\VID_07FA&PID_A905&REV_0100"
HardwareDeviceId5 = "USB\VID_07FA&PID_1012&REV_0100"

looking at the linux sources I found

static struct usb_device_id unicorn_usb_ids[] = {
        { USB_DEVICE(0x0483, 0x0137) }, // STMicro reference design
        { USB_DEVICE(0x07FA, 0xA904) }, // BeWAN
        { USB_DEVICE(0x07FA, 0xA905) }, // BeWAN
        { }

I'm suspecting hardware to have changed, maybe adding a line like 
{ USB_DEVICE(0x07FA, 0x1012) } in unicorn_usb_ids would help....

I've rebuild the drivers, the device is now probed but doesn't work
ok... I know it's probably not the right place to ask but don't know a
better one... 

Can anybody help me ?


Jean-François Morcillo

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