Subject: crossover office

smoothmilk smthmlk at
Thu Nov 13 00:40:44 UTC 2003

> Has anyone been able to get crossover office 2.1.0 (or wine) to
> successfully work.  I just upgraded from RH9.  I've tried both rpm >
and sh installs.  It seems to install ok, but hangs up whenever I
> try to install any software.

I had cx office 2.1.0 installed via rpm from when I had redhat9. I
upgraded to fedora severn, and then to yarrow (fc1.0) and it still works
flawlessly. Ive been able to install applications since upgrading to

i saw a mention of "why doesn't crossover office work in fedora" in
codeweavers FAQ. check it out (i havent read it btw):

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