[Fwd: testing for packages differing from FC1 packages]

Bret Hughes bhughes at elevating.com
Thu Nov 13 01:05:37 UTC 2003

Resent (again)

After having dinked around with a machine I upgraded from a severely
modified 7.1 install and manually installing some stuff and using apt to
install others I wanted to know what I have installed that is not
part of the fedora core.  More specifically I would like to know what
packages did not come from the FC1 distro itself (incase I
inadvertently overwrote /upgraded a core package.  This functionality
may exist already and if it does I would like to know about it since I
think this is going to be an ongoing issue as more people use alternate

Since the original message did not make it I wrote a first pass at a
script, testrpms.sh that can be dl'ed here:


gvim generated html version for online viewing (this is pretty cool

and a copy of the output from my test box.


Take a look and give me some feed back on how well it worked and any
bugs found.  If folks find it useful I will clean it up.



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