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Some tricks, read it before to put here any report of troubles.
Made in building #3.

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One thing I did a while ago that might be useful for unofficial FAQ
merging is this (its Alan's collected notes not an official Red Hat document)
Feel free to use them.


o	System hangs/reports errors after booting from CD-ROM

	Add the boot option "ide=nodma".

o	System hangs after enabling APM

	Add the boot option "apm=off".

o	System hangs at random when idle

	Add the boot option "apm=off". If this does not help try
	the option "nohlt". Also try "acpi=off" on newer ACPI using

o	System hangs reporting SCSI timeouts or at the IDE probe
	and "ide=nodma" does not help.

	If this is an Intel 440GX board, await errata news

	For other SMP boards please try "noapic"

	You may also need to set the BIOS MP to "MP 1.1" if you can

o	System hangs probing the PCMCIA devices

	Specify "nopcmcia"

o	System hangs probing ieee1394/firewire devices

	Specify "nofirewire"

o	VIA system hangs activating networking

	Specify "acpi=off"

o	System boots to graphical desktop but the desktop appears
	and then the machine crashes

	Boot with "apm=off" and see if this helps. A few laptops
	have buggy battery query support.

o	Screen goes blank or crazy after booting (especially LCD panel)

	Boot with the option "nofb"

o	System crashes erratically

	When reporting this if you can also verify the memory
	with memtest86 it helps filter out faulty systems.

o	AMD Multiprocessor

	Dual Athlon systems require up to date BIOS versions or you
	may see hangs. In addition most of them require a PS/2 mouse
	is present to avoid random hangs when using IDE

o	USB or networking fails on VIA chipset multiprocessor machine

	Specify the option "noapic"

o	SIS chipset SMP systems

	"noapic" may be required due to an incompatibility with the Intel
	APIC behaviour in some SIS parts.

o	APIC error messages appear or the system hangs at high load

	Try with the option "noapic" selected.

o	Compaq DL360

	Requires "ide=nodma"

o	Sony Vaio

	Sometimes requires "pci=off" is specified as a boot option
	during install but not after install. This is due to interactions
	between Linux and the Vaio's PCMCIA CD-ROM boot magic.

	If you have problems try the following options
	"pci=off ide1=0x180,0x386"

o	Sound does not work

	If you have a USB webcam with microphone unplug this and
	retest if possible. There is a known problem with the sound
	system trying to use the USB webcam as primary sound system

o	No CD audio

	Linux systems use the analog CD audio link rather than digital
	ripping as some new systems do. Check the machine has a CD audio
	cable fitted

o	USB keyboard works at the boot prompts but not later

	If neccessary boot the system with "nousb". This should
	let you get the system booted.

o	USB keyboard does not work in boot loader (grub)

	Ensure the USB legacy support is enabled in the BIOS
	If the problem remains try an install using Lilo and
	please file a bug.

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