NFS Install Hangs

Justin Zygmont jzygmont at
Thu Nov 13 01:41:25 UTC 2003

I also have it hang on me, but this is only with graphics mode from what I 
can tell so far.  I wasn't able to reproduce the problem you had.

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Johnathan Kupferer wrote:

> I was installing Fedora Core 1 in a lab with about 10 computers.  The
> first machine we did a simple CD install, then created an NFS share
> (/var/ftp/pub/fedora-core-1) and copied all the CD data to it.  We then
> made a kickstart boot disk and proceeded to do NFS installs on all the
> other stations, pretty straight forward stuff.  About ten minutes into
> it, the NFS installs froze.  We waited a while and noticed some *very*
> slow activity on some of the machines (like one package in 15 minutes).
> Figuring it could be a simple disk access issue on the server, we killed
> all but two of the installs and waited...  no improvement was seen.  We
> then attempted to restart the NFS server with (service nfs restart).  It
> stopped everything okay, but then hung when attempting to restart nfs.
> Out of frustration we then rebooted that machine and when it came up the
> remaining installs started to fly through packages like they had
> initially... for about ten minutes.  Same deal again, installs hung and
> we couldn't restart NFS.  A reboot cleared it.  I checked out
> /var/log/messages but didn't see anything.  This time it finished, but
> in the meantime we installed the rest of the lab with the CD.  Sorry I
> don't have more detailed info, we were in a rush to get the lab back up
> for a class.
> I'll try to repeat this tonight.  My hunch is its an NFS issue and I
> just happened to run accross it with these installs.
> Also I should mention a few months ago we installed RH9 in this lab
> using NFS and kickstart just like this and had no issues.
> Has anyone else noticed issues like this?  Anyone done a bunch of
> concurent NFS installs and *NOT* noticed this issue?
> ----- begin /etc/exports -----
> /var/ftp/pub *(ro)
> ----- end /etc/exports -----
> - Johnathan
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