Bind Configuration Tool

Bret Hughes bhughes at
Thu Nov 13 02:38:00 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 20:00, Richard E. Robbins wrote:
> I installed Fedora recently and wanted to configure BIND to add a forward
> master zone for a private network.
> I used to run a DNS server on this particular network from a Redhat 7.2
> system without difficulty.
> After I installed Fedora I just started mucking with /etc/named.conf and
> various zone files in /var/named.
> Along the way, I decided to play around with redhat-config-bind.
> >From reading the RH9 documentation for RH9 I think that I've probably made a
> mess of things by revising these files and also playing with
> redhat-config-bind.  I'd like to get my system back to a clean starting
> point and do all of my configuration with redhat-config-bind.  Somewhere
> between the new chroot stuff and the move to the current version of Bind
> it's clear that I've become seriously confused.
> What's the easiest way for me to get to a clean starting point short of
> reinstalling Fedora from scratch?

well I would start with deleting/renaming named.conf and the zonefiles
and see if the config bind thing will recreate them.  If no joy, try rpm
-e bind and rpm -ivh /path/to/bind.rpm  I suppose you could try rpm -Uvh
--force /path/to/bind.rpm to do it in one shot if you get a dependency


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