FC1: one nasty blemish, one bug, one irritation

Alexander Volovics awol at home.nl
Wed Nov 12 15:11:10 UTC 2003

I would like to hear from other FC1 users whether they have also
encountered these events and to get some advice on how to track
the causes so I can report detailed bug info to get it cleared up.
The blemish:
I have FC1 on a Dell i8100 and i8200, both with nvidia video using the
'nv' driver only. When Gnome starts up and the icons on the Fedora
splash screen finish drawing a black bar appears over a large part of the
gnome-panel (bottom-edge). It disappears after about 1-2 seconds and
everything works normally afterwards.
As I occasionaly use these laptops for demonstrations this does not
make a very good impression.
Anybody have an idea on what can be causing this or how I could find out?
I have already bugzillad it (RH) but if I had more details I could
also bugzilla it to the Gnome folks.
The bug:
The gnome-panel crashes occasionaly, seemingly at random.
I have already encountered this bug on RH9, but as it only happened
a few times and then just as I was shutting down from the logout menu
I could not do a trace so I did not bugzilla it.
Yesterday I encountered this (or a related) bug while using FC1, and
this time while configuring some things. I completely forgot to make
a trace and save it to disk (I didn't have email configured yet so I
couldn't mail it immediately as I normally do).
Has anybody else encountered this on FC1 (or testx, x=1,2,3)
(I have not found a comparable bug in bugzilla).
Can I still make a trace if it occurs while shutting down?
The irritation:
The animation when iconizing windows.
There was some discussion about this a long time ago (RH8, RH9?)
Quite a lot of people didn't like it. But now I no longer hear
anybody complaining. Is there some secret way of turning it of
that I don't know about or have people given up caring?


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