Fedora download link - tooooooo busy / good german mirror

Elliott Wilcoxon elliott at wilcoxon.org
Thu Nov 13 07:40:30 UTC 2003

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

> Neither BitTorrent nor FTP are perfect solutions; there are times when 
> either one is better. Do not expect there to be, and do not promote, the 
> mentally-myopic view of "there is one way which is better" since that is 
> almost always wrong. And someone will always be there to prove it.

Umm, if someone running an FTP were to replace FTP access with BT 
download, how would that become worse than just FTP?  Especially when 
they get their bandwidth bills at the end of the month?  If you add BT 
to the usual distribution strategy, it becomes much more efficient for 
all involved.  I'll agree that if you place either one in a really bad 
situation (e.g. FTP is replaced with BT, along with a slower 
server/seed), the other will easily win, but if you place them in equal 
situations, I'm curious how BT would ever lose out.

Elliott Wilcoxon

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