window focus problems?

Rob Park rbpark at
Thu Nov 13 08:03:35 UTC 2003

Hey guys, I've been using RH since RH8, and I just upgraded to FC1. So 
far, I'm loving it... but I am having one small problem with window 
focus (I think this is just a GNOME 2.4 issue).

Actually, it's 3 problems, but they're all related:

1. If I switch virtual desktops with the pager, and move my mouse onto a 
window on the new desktop fast enough, it won't get focus (I have the 
"select windows when the mouse moves over them" option enabled). 
Clicking on the window won't give it focus, either, I have to actually 
move my mouse off the window, then back on, in order to give it focus. 
That's really a pain in the ass, I'm looking for a "focus strictly under 
mouse" policy, as opposed to the "focus follows mouse (poorly)" that is 
currently implemented.

2. On one of my gnome panels, I have the commandline applet. As far as I 
can tell, the only way to get keyboard focus into it is to ALT+click on 
it (alt being my chosen modifier for moving windows with the mouse). 
This is pretty annoying. It would also (hopefully) be solved by a proper 
implementation of a "focus strictly under mouse" focus policy.

3. I want a window to be raised when I click on it (right now, I have to 
click on the titlebar to get it raised).

Is there any way to do these things right now? I don't see any options 
in the preferences menu to accomplish this. I poked around in 
gconf-editor, as well, but couldn't find anything.


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