mplayer projector problems with Fedora

William John Murray w.murray at
Thu Nov 13 16:41:13 UTC 2003

  Thanks Andy!
       All sorts of interesting things happen:
  (Relevant to the recent X/Autodetect thread)
  I have been experimenting with a second monitor, not a projector.
  But it feels very similar to me...)

1)   radeon->vesa driver for my radeon card

  This drops glxgears from 600->175, and dri support goes.
   mplayer knows xv will not work, so picks x11. Which means I
   do get a display, without having to think, even if it is
not a nice one.
   However, the alt-F8 works as it did on RH-9.  It seemed to be
disabled before. So I can choose laptop, projector or both.

2) apm on/off does nothing for me.

3) apci off/on does nothing for me.

4) Start X WITHOUT the external display, and then plugging it in,
  fixes the problem.

   So it seems that it recognises the second screen and tries to
do something clever in consequence. So I can summarise:
  A) Start X with projector connected
      Screen position correct, no clipping, but 680x480 only.
      xv output only displayed on laptop.

In XFree86.0.log I notice:
    (**) RADEON(0): *Mode "1400x1050"
(**) RADEON(0): *Mode "1280x1024"
(**) RADEON(0): *Mode "1280x960"
(**) RADEON(0): *Mode "1152x864"
(**) RADEON(0): *Mode "1024x768"
(**) RADEON(0): *Mode "800x600"
(**) RADEON(0): *Default mode "640x480": 25.2 MHz, 31.5 kHz, 60.0 Hz
(II) RADEON(0): Modeline "640x480"   25.20  640 656 752 800  480 490 492
525 -hsync -vsync
(**) RADEON(0):  Default mode "320x240": 12.6 MHz, 31.5 kHz, 60.1 Hz (D)
(II) RADEON(0): Modeline "320x240"   12.60  320 328 376 400  240 245 246
262 doublescan -hsync -vsync

  B) Start X without, then plug-in
      xv works nicely
      screen display slightly misplaced
      1400x1050 seems to work on this monitor.

   Does that suggest anything about the source?

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 12:09, Andy Green wrote:
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> On Wednesday 12 November 2003 10:37, William John Murray wrote:
> > (I know the mouse is wrong for my internal laptopn mouse, but that
> > has gone 'bad' so is disabled)
> Hm, wonder if its as disabled as you think it is... maybe its spamming 
> interrupts somewhere and causing trouble that way.  What kind of bad did it 
> go?
> > Section "Device"
> >         Identifier  "ATI Radeon Mobility M6"
> >         Driver      "radeon"
> I would # out the Driver "radeon" line and try it with Driver "vesa" just to 
> see if that made any difference.
> I would also fiddle with kernel params added in /boot/grub/grub.conf to kill 
> acpi, eg, acpi=off
> Alan Cox had these wise words to share with us earlier today:
> o       System boots to graphical desktop but the desktop appears
>         and then the machine crashes 
>         Boot with "apm=off" and see if this helps. A few laptops
>         have buggy battery query support.
> - -Andy
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