NFS Install Hangs

Johnathan Kupferer johnathan at
Thu Nov 13 17:15:08 UTC 2003

>What's under the hood of your NFS server?
Its a Celeron with 512 MB or ram, not sure on the speed.

>10 machines banging it at all at once will put produce some stress.
Yeah, but I've not seen anything like this before with similar situations...

Something just dawned on me while typing this.  updatedb kicked off and 
my mozilla mail started to lag...  The NFS server hadn't been up for 
long so I suppose anacron could have kicked off updatedb or some similar 
process, maybe something in gnome, could have kicked off and started 
monopolizing disk access on the server.  That would explain why it would 
recur after about ten minutes running fine.  I'll have to run another 
test... hopefully one where I can have the lab to myself for a few hours.

>Increasing your nfsd daemons might also help
>Let us know how it goes.....
I raised the number of daemons and added 'async' to the export line as 
you described and it seemed to help, but ultimately, same result.  
Everything slowed to a crawl then all but stopped.  Unless I can rule 
out my theory above, it may not be an NFS issue.

I'll let you know what I find.

- Johnathan

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