Anaconda hangs on a Targa Road Warrior 700

Gerhard Froehlich g-froehlich at
Thu Nov 13 21:25:59 UTC 2003

I would like to install FC1 on my old Targa Road Warrior 700.

1. I start the installation with "linux noprobe"
2. The install image boots well and anconda enters the scene
3. I skip the installation media check (I already installed successfully 
a system with this set of CDs)
4. I choose the correct PCMCIA driver
5. Anaconda starts probing (but I said noprobe in #1) and detects the S3 
M5 Virge Graphic Card
6. Anaconda prints some odd chars on the screen and hangs totaly

Here are the System datas:
- Intel MMX 233MHz (Intel Mobile Triton)
- 128MB RAM
- S3 M5 4MB Graphic Card
- S-TFT 12.1'
- Sound Blaster Pro 16-Bit

How can I disable the modprobe completly? Wich options I can adjust to 
get this baby working. I guess it's a problem with the videocard and 

- Gerhard

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