Promise Fastrack 378 S-ATA driver?

Matthew Walburn matt at
Thu Nov 13 21:34:34 UTC 2003

> Strangely enough, I've been fighting with a Promise TX2 raid controller
> all day.
> I got the partial driver from:
> The upshot from me is that they provide a half-assed solution,
> of some code plus a library.
> The library is built against 2.4.20, and although I could build
> against a 3.4.21 I couldn't force an install of FastTrak.o
> I will bow to the superior knowledge of others, and would be interested
> in a good answer also for getting


I was able to dig up the following site today which has promising (no 
pun intended) instructions for getting the source code compiled and 
turned into a driver disk:

Problem is, "make dep" crashes out once I change:

EXTRAVERSION = -1.2115.nptlcustom to EXTRAVERSION = -1.2115.nptlBOOT

Anyone have any clues?


Matthew Walburn, RHCE, CCNA
Network Assistant - x. 3-4995
MIT Department of Mathematics

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