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Thu Nov 13 22:35:26 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 14:52, nipson anomhmata wrote:
> Hi guys!I have just installed fedora core and i have a
> problem with my network!I am on a LAN using an
> ethernet device!Fedora recognises my ethernet card and
> i configured all the settings for the LAN, static
> IP,DNS,GATEWAY etc. but i have no network!The file
> /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0 has the
> same settings which i configured from the gui!The IP
> of the DNS server exists in /etc/resolv.conf! In
> console when i write ping , an
> error says "network unreachable"! From the gui, says
> that the ethernet device is active and starts normally
> on boot! Does anybody now anything? thanks for your time!!

Try, from the console as root, 'service network restart' That oughta

Check 'ifconfig eth0' to see that the address you think is eth0 actually

Ping eth0's IP. That oughta work, too.

Ping the DNS. If still net unreachable, the DNS server isn't on the same
network as eth0. Typo in resolv.conf?

If DNS pings, but the universe doesn't, the default route is likely bent
or non-existent. Does 'netstat -rn' show a route to If so, is
that route's gateway on the same net as eth0? If so, can that host
connect to the Internet?

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