Kernel 2.6-test

Samuel Flory sflory at
Fri Nov 14 00:14:44 UTC 2003

Kevin Francis wrote:
> If i get the kernel listed there, will i be able to use my 2.4 kernels
> as well?
> Any issues in particular you other early birds come across you want to
> share?
> Apart from the yum install kernel-blah what else do i need to do?

   I recommend doing a yum update instead.  The main reason is you will 
need the module tools and other things.  Yum will install the new kernel 
not upgrade it.  So you should still have your old kernel.  Be aware 
that yum will upgrade things like kernel-source.

   I've not found that any of arjanv's stuff breaks 2.4 kernel support.

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