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Gordon Messmer yinyang at
Fri Nov 14 00:17:59 UTC 2003

Globe Trotter wrote:
> OK, So I did the following: went back and copied all the files from my RH9
> /usr/kerberos/lib over.
> But I still get the following problem when I try to install the following:
> rpm -ivh openafs-krb5-1.2.9-rh9.0.1.i386.rpm 
> error: Failed dependencies:
> is needed by openafs-krb5-1.2.9-rh9.0.1
> This does exist, and is in /usr/kerberos/lib which I created after the
> transfer. Any suggestions as to what I can do here?

Step one, get the source (Actually, I guess step one would be to delete 
the libraries you just copied in):

$ wget \

Two, build it.  You'll need at least rpm-build, flex, bison, and 
ncurses-devel installed.  rpmbuild *should* tell you what else you need, 
but that src.rpm doesn't have the full set of build pre-req's defined. 
(Someone ought to contribute a fixed spec to IBM):

$ rpmbuild --rebuild openafs-1.2.10-rh9.0.1.src.rpm

Three, install any packages which you need from the built result.

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