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Fri Nov 14 01:17:35 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 17:06, nipson anomhmata wrote:
> Still no network!ifconfig shows me the i.p. i gave,
> ping does not work for the DNS(network unreachable),
> DNS is on the same network with eth0 (redhat 9.0
> worked fine at the same LAN). When i write netstat
> -rn, all gatewayes are!!!!! 

The big difference between RH9 and here is that a mere mortal typed in
some info. There's almost certainly a typo in what you entered. There
always is when I hit something like this.

What is the IP and netmask of eth0? Can you ping eth0?

What is the IP of DNS?

And I told you a huge lie - the default route's *destination* is, not the gateway. The gateway of the default route should *not*
be What I said was exactly backwards. If the gateways are all
0,0,0,0, you don't have a default route. You'll need one to get to the
Internet, but not to DNS.

Glenn English
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