Fedora on the server

Shashi Bhusan Patra patra_sb at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 14 01:56:57 UTC 2003

i'd suggest you hang on to RH or Debian for a while. Fedora has lots of 
bugs. I can;t even get to compile a kernel successfully on this.

Dave Oxley wrote:

> My company is buying a new Dell server (2x2.4GHz P4 Xeon, 2Gb RAM, 
> 73Gb RAID 1 SCSI) for our production customer facing web site and I 
> have been trying to decide on which Linux distribution to use. It 
> needs to run Apache, tomcat, sendmail, mysql, php and bind and have 
> minimum downtime. We normally have about 25Gb of HTTP traffic a month, 
> but is likely to double over the next 12 months. I am not fussed about 
> having paid for support (that's my job!)
> I was going to choose RH9 (after deciding against Debian), but I just 
> found out about Fedora. Is Core 1 suitable for this type of 
> environment? Or would you recommend I go with RH9 or Debian.
> Cheers.

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