BUYCK Jacky FTRD/DMI/CAE jacky.buyck at
Fri Nov 14 08:31:05 UTC 2003

Hi all.
	I've installed my FC 1.0 last night ;) and I encounter the same problem.
	In fact I've configured my card like at any time but after this I'm unable to contact any host in my network. I've check if I can ping or my local IP and it work. I've try to ping other IP addresses of my network without any success. The ARP cache show an incomplete state for each requested IP addresses.
	After some search all around I've decided to extract and replace my PCMCIA Card and it work just after this !!!
	It seem that the Fedoce Core can't detect correctly my INTEL PRO 100 PCMCIA Card at boot and the card must be reinitialize after system loading ... I've make my first FC's ping at 1:00 AM so I'll try newer test right now ;)
	Is there anyone that need informations about this problem to solve this for future release ?
	Hope it can help some guys !

See u soon.

Jacky Buyck
R&D Engineer - Intranet Security Services
Tel : +33 2 31 75 93 61
Fax : +33 2 31 75 06 31
France Telecom R&D - DMI/SIR
42 Rue des Coutures - BP 6243 - 14066 Caen Cedex 4 - France

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