kudzu and erratic mouse

Geoff Smith gsmith at geoffco.net
Fri Nov 14 09:26:59 UTC 2003

When I first installed core 1 on a laptop I had,  I found mouse would 
becaome really choppy once it loaded into gnome. After I did acpi=on in 
the grub config, it's working perfectly.


antonio montagnani wrote:
> As soon as I start kudzu in a terminal window (I want to setup my 
> soundblaster old card), mouse (Wheel-mouse) becomes erratic and I get 
> some unwanted windows open and in the kudzu window I see that mouse has 
> been removed (but I did't asked for that)
> What is happening.???? No bug in bugzilla
> I am starting to blame on my fresh install of Fedora!!!
> Tnx
> Antonio
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