nothing via UP2DATE, yet?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Fri Nov 14 19:18:55 UTC 2003

Elton Woo  said:
> Please excuse me if I may have missed this. The traffic on this list
> is *quite* high.
> I would think there should be some updates or fixes to bugs in
> Fedora Core Release 1 (Yarrow) from rawhide by now?

Rawhide is development.  Unless you specifically change the config for
up2date you won't get rawhide (and this is a good thing).

> Whenever I launch up2date  either from the panel icon or from
> a console prompt, I am told that my system is up to date.
> Is this correct, or is there a problem with up2date itself?

Sounds like your up2date is misconfigured.

William Hooper

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