External DVD burner: a query

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Fri Nov 14 20:23:13 UTC 2003

Thus spake Fotios Nastos:
> I am thinking of gettig a USB external DVD burner.  Are USB external burners
> as easy to use as internals?  Perhaps a better question: are USB writers 
> supported?  Thanks.

Yes, and yes. I burned my Fedora CDs on one in RH9, and my Fedora Source 
CDs on one in FC1. Mine is an LG GCE-8520B in a USB enclosure. Setup 
amounted to plugging it in. One caveat is that if you don't have USB 2.0, 
your burn speed will be rather poor. (I'm able to burn reliably at about 
40x with the burner hooked to my USB 2.0 card.)


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