Fedora installer.

Konrad Kosmowski K.Kosmowski at wsisiz.edu.pl
Sat Nov 15 01:43:45 UTC 2003

Today I've grabbed a boot.iso and tried to install Fedora on my friends 
computer. I've decided to install from network since she has got a fast 
connection. I've found a fast mirror (~500KB/s quite enough for a zippy 
minimal install) but the problem is that Fedora's installer do not work 
over proxy :\ and she's got limits - 12KB/s direct connection, unlimited 
for FTP/HTTP via proxy. Network install would be great but I was forced 
to download the ISOs (via proxy) since I couldn't setup the installer to 
work over proxy. Tried expert mode but no dialog for proxy there. Also I 
tought it would be possible to set the HTTP_PROXY variable from 
installer shell and then run the installer but there is no shell... I 
think proxy install *should* be aviable since proxy is very common right 
now (IMHO it is the best way to limit bandwitch caused by P2P in local 

  |`.    .'|  Konrad Kosmowski
  |.'`--'`.|  K.Kosmowski at wsisiz.edu.pl

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