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Sat Nov 15 03:07:45 UTC 2003

On Fri, Nov 14, 2003 at 08:10:58PM -0500, Bill Johnson wrote:
> Recently upgraded from Redhat 8.0 to Fedora Core 1.0.  So far, I love the 
> new distribution.
> I use docbook and psgml to publish various docs, and tonight I attempted 
> to use that for the first time since upgrading.  When I attempted to 
> validate my sgml in emacs (psgml), I got the following error:
> nsgmls:E: cannot open 
> "/usr/share/sgml/docbook/sgml-dtd-4.2-1.0-14/docbook.dcl" (No such file or 
> directory)
> I looked in the above-mentioned directory, and found that it contains an 
> upgraded dtd -  sgml-dtd-4.2-1.0-22.1.  I have always been confused 
> setting up docbook, but love it once it's working.  I believe there is a 
> catalog somewhere I need to update, but don't know where it is.  Can 
> someone provide some guidance on how to get docbook working on Fedora?  



If that fails, you should set it (in .bashrc or /etc/bashrc). Try
/etc/sgml/catalog, which is where it is on both RH 8.0 and Fedora

However, if you updated the relevant package, the catalog should be
correct. However, (curiouser and curiouser):

[root at issola root]# rpm -qf /etc/sgml/catalog
file /etc/sgml/catalog is not owned by any package

So here it is:

[root at issola root]# cat /etc/sgml/catalog
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"
CATALOG "/etc/sgml/"

Maybe yours did not get updated?


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