Audacity package from freshrpms is broken ... solution

Keith G. Robertson-Turner redhat-forums at
Sat Nov 15 05:31:35 UTC 2003

With ref: segfaults with Audacity.

Get the binary tarball of audacity 1.2.0-pre3 from:

Unpack it and do:

which audacity | xargs ls -lh audacity-linux-i386-1.2.0-pre3/audacity

You'll see that the two binaries are different sizes by a mile (2.6M Vs
6.1M) ... this is obviously wrong.

You can run the newly unpacked binary without installing, just do:


And voila ... it works.

Then just overwrite the file in /usr/bin with the new one, don't bother
with the makefile. Yup, rpm -V will complain, but I guess I can live
with that for now, until a fixed package comes out (or I use
checkinstall to make a new one). 


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