Mature enough to upgrade already?

Timothy Murphy tim at
Sat Nov 15 14:49:40 UTC 2003

On Thursday 13 November 2003 22:36, Jan Houtsma wrote:

> I want a perfect, errorless, smoothless upgrade procedure from RH9 ->
> Fedora.
> Is this the case already or still in developement?
> Can i just download the ISOs and run them as an upgrade to RH9?

I upgraded from RedHat-9.0 to Fedora-1.0 on three very different computers,
and had if anything fewer problems than upgrading from RH-8.0 to RH-9.0
on the same machines.

I don't think any upgrade is "perfect" --
there are always going to be small problems on some computers.
Eg Fedora did not recognise the ATI video system on my laptop 
(Sony Picturebook C1VFK),
and I had to install in text mode --
but after that it ran perfectly, using the old XF86Config file.
But exactly the same was true when upgrading from RH-8.0 to RH-9.0.

Fedora seems to me to run exactly as RH-9.0 did --
though I am not running some of the applications you mention.

In brief, I've been quite surprised how straightforward the upgrade has been,
as I had expected serious problems from some of the postings
on this list.

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