OT: CrossPlatform email client?

koolinus koolinus at tiscalinet.it
Fri Nov 14 22:46:24 UTC 2003

Tanto tempo fa, in una galassia lontana lontana, Bryan Anderson scrisse:

>Is there a (decent) email client that works with a shared mail
>dir, on a fat32 drive, and has a Windows and a Linux client. It
>to be easy to set up/install (complete newbie!)
>multiple account facilities (both pop and smtp)
>decent filtering, rules and folders setup
>Basically I'm after The Bat! or maybe Eudora, that will work for both 

Hi there.
Basically I have the same "problem" ... I was thinking about Thunderbird 
from Mozilla.org.
You just decompress it and run the executable.

under Windoze seema not capable of antivirus checking with Norton or AVG. 
It has a lot of "modules" in development and seems right now the one with 
the brightest future.

With Eudora (which i'm using right now as you can see) you have 2 choices:
- buy CrossOver Office (about 35$ if i do remember right) and then poin the 
"linux-installation" and the win-one to the same FAT32 diretory
- import the *.mbx files in KMail/Evolution ..... seems that you only lose 
the attachments that way. Still trying to figure that out.
I've got 3 years of e-mail in Eudora.MBXs...

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