David Both david at
Sat Nov 15 17:33:25 UTC 2003

I am trying to figure this out myself.

I tried upgrading a test box with Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 1. This 
attempt aborted with an anaconda error indicating that I was out of disk 
space. Not likely on a 120GB hard drive with very large partitions, but 
I decided to do a fresh (everything) install and created VERY LARGE 
partitions for all file systems. Again I got the same error message that 
I did not have enough disk space. And when I say LARGE partitions I mean 
/boot was 512MB, and all other partitions were 2BG to 6GB depending. 
/usr was 6GB and / was 2GB.

I am now trying the installation using the auto partition option and 
that seems to be proceeding well beyond the point at which I got the 
error the last two attempts.

The bottom line here is that I have either not had enough space in one 
of the partitions or there is a bug in the installer. After the install 
completes, I will du and determine the minimum size that each partition 
should be for an everything install. I will then try an install and 
partition the drive myself to see if I still get the error.

I will let you know how this turns out.

Arnaldo - - CT1DGC wrote:

>I have the Redhat linux 9 installed and I want to migrate for Fedora
>core 1.  
>Which it is installation type recommended by the members of this group:
>- Upgrade to FC1 without uninstalling RH 9?  
>- Or a clean installation?  
>At once thank you those that answered.
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