Fedora Directory Management Question

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
Sun Nov 16 01:04:42 UTC 2003

I've got a disk and directory management question for my Fedora Core 1

I've got three 9 gig disks lashed together in a Raid 0 configuration as
/dev/md0 and mounted on my system as /raid.  I've placed /home, /opt and
/pub under /raid.  The root directory contains symbolic links as follows:

/home -> /raid/home
/opt  -> /raid/opt
/pub  -> /raid/pub

Everything seems to work as I'd expect, although when I log in and do a pwd
I get /raid/home/user instead of /home/user.

Is there a better way to achieve what I'm doing on a stock Fedora system?

-- Rich

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