two ntp RPMs?

Dave Roberts ldave at
Sun Nov 16 05:20:43 UTC 2003

On Sat, 2003-11-15 at 03:11, shrek-m at wrote:
> Mike Klinke wrote:

> check your upgrade.log
> search for *.rpmnew *.rpmsave on your system

Already wiped my entire root partition with the new install. Sorry.

> >> however, so
> >>I ended up reinstalling FC1 clean on the root partition. This is
> >>definitely an upgrade issue, though I can't tell if it has something
> >>to do with apt/synaptic or just a RH9->FC1 upgrade.
> >>    
> >>
> >I didn't use apt/synaptic but rather the distributed ISO's to upgrade 
> >from RH9 to Fedora and ended up with both ntp rpms too.
> >
> not here
> >rpm -qa | grep ntp-
> >ntp-4.1.2-5
> >ntp-4.1.2-0.rc1.2
> >
> update via iso´s
> rhl 7.x -> 8 -> 9 -> fc1

Just so we're clear on trying to diagnose this issue, my upgrade was
from iso's. I only fired up synaptic to check if had done
anything with Fedora yet (I actually forget to change any of my apt
config, so it looked at the RH9 repository on Freshrpms, but I never got
as far as installing anything).

The point is, I think the iso upgrade messed things up a bit, with
synaptic just being the thing that actually caught the problem and
informed me about it.

The only thing that I had really done that was not stock on my system
was to install the Ximian version of Evolution 1.4 (which did a bit of
surgery under the covers on all sorts of stuff), and install
apt/synaptic, with some rpms from (like Totem, etc.). I
don't think that has anything to do with this issue, though. It sounds
like a generic upgrade issue for FC1, coming from multiple distributions
(Brett coming from RH7.x and me from RH9).

Dave Roberts <ldave at>

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