login screen

Justin Georgeson jgeorgeson at lopht.net
Sun Nov 16 05:44:53 UTC 2003

jason pratt wrote:
> How can I go about editing the logon screen for FC1? Should this
> question be posed in the FC1 Desktop list?
> thanks..

You can download GDM (assuming you are using GDM, and not KDM or XDM) 
from art.gnome.org. They are pretty much all available in tar.gz and 
tar.bz2 format, so cd to /usr/share/gdm/themes, and tar xvzf (gz) or tar 
xvjf (bz2) the ones you download. To select which theme, run gdmsetup 
(System Settings -> Login Screen from the menu). You can also install 
themes in gdmsetup, you don't even have to untar them if you do it that way.

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