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Sun Nov 16 10:02:50 UTC 2003

Jonathan C. Sitte wrote:
> Mike Klinke wrote:
> | It's a pretty rare mail program that won't sort mail on at least one or
> | more of these fields.  Adding that to the subject is just that much
> | more visual clutter that you have to look past and takes up too much
> | space in an already crowded screen.  For people who sort it's entirely
> | redundant to see a whole column of messages in a folder with all of
> | them starting out  [Whatever-list].
> How would I go about doing a automatic filtering in Mozilla? I have to
> do it manually at the moment?
Mozilla can perform message filtering by e-mail address. Just create 
message filter (Tools->Message Filters->New) and add two rules: (subject 
contains fedora-list at and (to or cc contains 
fedora-list at
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