What is the relation between yum and up2date?

Mike Burger mburger at bubbanfriends.org
Sun Nov 16 10:37:11 UTC 2003

On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> On Saturday 15 November 2003 23:39, Mike Burger wrote:
> > Up2date makes use of yum to download and install the updates.
> So why doesn't everyone use up2date?
> Is there anything yum can do that up2date cannot?

Not everyone knows about yum or apt.  More people use up2date, as a tool, 
than yum on its own.

> I notice incidentally that "man up2date" does not mention
> the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources ,
> although as far as I can see that is where it finds the sites to look at.
> Or perhaps it doesn't?

That is where up2date looks for its sites, yes.
Mike Burger

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