Another Fedora-supporting web site

Steve Hanson shanson at
Sun Nov 16 18:50:17 UTC 2003

Don wrote:
> If the intention is to prevent IE6, then the server should look at the
> browser version rather than creating "invalid" html...
> And why preclude IE6? Oh yeah, because we can and we're zealots....
> sheesh... ironic that an "Open Source/Open Standards" fan would not follow
> html standards...
> Don
Yes - I understand that the software we're using currently has some 
issues.  We're not trying to preclude anyone - I am not having any 
trouble getting the pages to display in IE6 - we ARE having a couple of 
less major issues with it.

I've fixed the problem where the html validator chokes on the line - 
there was an illegal character in one of the templates. Yes, you will 
find that there are still plenty of  validation issues.  We're trying to 
work on that.

Now - if you could please realize that this is a very part-time project 
that I put up in an attempt to be helpful. I'm not against some 
criticism here, and we're aware that there are some issues - but I also 
think it's kind of unreasonable that you seem to have expected us to get 
them fixed in the last half hour.  I am not going to enter into a flame 
war here.  We know there are some issues with the site. They will get 
fixed when we have a chance.


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