Christopher K. Johnson ckjohnson at gwi.net
Sun Nov 16 21:13:15 UTC 2003

Robert Brimhall wrote:

>I was wondering if a talented RPM builder could build a power-applet
>rpm... from here:
>I tried to compile from source but it cimplains about my intltool not
>being version new enough... I pointed configure directly at intltool and
>it still craps out... I'd really like to test this applet out since the
>standard GNOME battery applet doesn't play nice with the acpi-BIOS combo
>on my laptop. (even patched to prevent polling it fails to update the
>power connection status)... just wondering. Thanks.
Let's try to get the gnome battery applet to work.
Did you use acpi=on kernel boot argument?
Did you install the acpid package and set acpid service to start at boot?
After starting acpid do you have /proc/acpi/button/ directory?
If so then try this:
Edit /etc/modules.conf and add this line:
    add above button battery ac thermal
Then just modprobe button to cause battery, ac, and thermal modules 
should load, providing the /proc/acpi/battery/* and 
/proc/acpi/ac_adapter/* that the gnome battery applet needs.  With this 
configuration it should all happen on its own at next boot.

I found that having and thermal loaded pulled in processor module too, 
which between the two of them cut down on cpu temp and power 
consumption, thereby improving battery life, which is why I added those too.

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