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Ken Caron ken at wirespecialties.com
Sun Nov 16 23:22:51 UTC 2003

Hi Mike,
	That's odd, I just started Fedora Core 1.0 a couple days ago, and the
boot floppy worked just fine, and I have a P4... And this is my first
time with Linux (from Windows) so I have to be honest that I probably
can't help you much other than to tell you, "Hey, it worked for me."
Sorry I couldn't help more.

Ken Caron <ken at wirespecialties.com>

On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 18:12, Mike Peterson Charles wrote:
> I am printing to Tally Line Printers via Equinox 16 port 10/100 ESP units.
> I am using SCO Open Server 5.05 at present.
> I want to use Linux and have Red Hat Enterprise ES 3.0 loaded as of Friday.
> Not configured and ready to test yet.
> But should be ready to test this week.
> The 3.0 install removed the Individual package option also but left in the
> GUI or Text on boot option.
> RHEL ES 3.0 and Fedora Core 1.0 do not allow you to make a boot floppy for
> P4 systems because the kernel is to big to fit.
> The Fedora Core 1.0 asked and then refused to make one. The ES 3.0 did not
> even ask to make one.
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> > What COBOL company is the COBOL from?
> Liant Software's RM/COBOL for Linux.  Works well.  They developed a tool,
> called Relativity, that lets your RM/COBOL files show as ODBC databases.  We
> have a contractor who then developed a Coldufion applicaton to give us a
> web-based GUI for many of our functions.
> > My main issue is printing support for networked serial printers is 
> > lacking in CUPS for Linux and I can only get it working with 
> > commercial CUPS at present.
> Not sure if our scenario is similar to yours, but we print to several Oki320
> printers with serial cards in them.  The printers come back to a Cyclades
> unit with 24 serial ports.
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