SanDisk usb drive freezes Fedora

Francisco Ortiz Santini ortizsantini at
Sun Nov 16 23:53:19 UTC 2003

I have searched the net and found nothing to the point. Under both
RedHat 8 and 9, I have successfully used two usb1 PenDrives, as well as
a usb2 SanDisk cruzer mini drive. Under Fedora Core, however, the mere
plugin and unplugin of the SanDisk without anything else totally freezes
Fedora. Only option is to hard reboot the machine. This happens every
time with the SanDisk, and also with the PenDrives after several uses.
It happens in my two HP machines, a notebook Pavilion xf28 (Atlon XP
1.8) and my desktop Pavilion a265c (P-4). The only information I have
found showing something similar concerns the sync of a pilot using also
a usb connection, so I suppose the problem is usb related (hotplug?).
Any hint on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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