Fedora as production server OS

Rickard Svoren rickard at xpress.se
Mon Nov 17 09:50:23 UTC 2003

Thanks for this email Peter

We are not in need for any external support services today, we have been using
RHL since version 6.2 ( i found an old RHL 4.2 Box yesterday so there might
be even longer :-).

My main concern is security updates and stability, and of course upgrading 1-2
times a year is possible but not desirable. I have been looking at Suse, Debian
and Slackware aswell but it seems like waste to change distro when we have RHL
competence in our company. But we do not like to get jailed into Redhat's 

I guess i'm looking for some advices from people in the same situation.


At 10:26 2003-11-17 +0100, you wrote:
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>Am Mo, den 17.11.2003 schrieb Rickard Svoren um 10:08:
> > i am a bit courious if someone has started using fedora for example on an
> > high volume
> > mailserver (10000 users +) ?
>The problem are not the 10000 users + but the question how often you are
>willing to upgrade the server (and how you get support if you need it).
>Red Hat does not "guarantee" the security and bug fixes, but the
>community including Red Hat will make them available. De facto it will
>be the same in the short term, but what about the future? Fixes for a
>Fedora release will be available about 3 months after the next release
>(with 2-3 releases planned per year). So you have to update about 1-2
>times a year.
> > Is Fedora intended for such use or only for developers/ beta testers ?
>Not only
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