OT: reply to posts with "no mail" option set

Thiers Botelho thiers at fosfertil-ultrafertil.com.br
Mon Nov 17 16:16:09 UTC 2003


One case where your proposal is HARD to follow is mine : a corporate 
mailbox within Lotus Notes w/ a fixed 50 Mb limit. **Fixed** means exactly 
that - you don't get to do ANYTHING with your mail until AFTER you've 
relieved the mbox. So I have to act preventively, that's why --nomail-- is 
very handy to not let her fill up. 

That also means that guys like us have to monitor the archive and 
cut/paste from there. And it seems to work as to thread placement within 
the archive - posts such as these appear under **possible follow-ups**.

|At 07:01 11/17/2003, you wrote: 
|I don't want to confuse things, am unable to leave my e-mail open to
|all the traffic generated on this list, but would like to participate.
|I don't know how to answer your original question, but out of curiosity, 
|why are you not able to "leave your email open"? If you find that it 
|clutters your Inbox beyond belief, have you set up filtering Fedora 
|messages to a separate folder? This is how I have it, and I never even 
|see those messages until I choose to look at them.
|Rodolfo J. Paiz
|rpaiz simpaticus com


Thiers Botelho

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