yum/apt/up2date moving locations - one place to look?

Gene C. czar at czarc.net
Mon Nov 17 15:25:41 UTC 2003

On Monday 17 November 2003 09:53, Joe Szilagyi wrote:
> Does anyone know if there will simply be a page on fedora.redhat.com with
> the correct info, for the official and mirrored locations?
> Between the volume of messages and questions about this, and the
> conflicting info, and reports of the Red Hat site being
> up/down/broken/possessed I'm completely lost.

The situation is only semi-broken.  The URLs in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources 
depend on "redirects".  The "real" URLs can be seen on this page: 

While this is correct, the URLs as defined by the current up2date and yum 
packages are not correct.

I am hoping that Red Hat:

1. Reinstalls the redirects on fedora.redhat.com (really www.redhat.com) -- so 
that fresh installs will work properly.

2. Issues updated packages for up2date and yum which use the actual URLs and 
do not depend on the redirects.

You can manually update /etc/yum.conf and /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources for the 
correct URLs.

There are lots of comments on this situation on the list but it is also a high 
volume list information can be easily missed.

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