nVidia GeoForce4 with external CRT

Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Mon Nov 17 16:17:45 UTC 2003

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On Monday 17 November 2003 16:08, Allan Metts wrote:

> I have a laptop booting Fedora with a nVideo GeoForce4 440.  The machine
> boots up into X just fine, and everything looks great -- UNTIL I try to
> send video to an external CRT.   Then both the external CRT and the
> laptop's LCD become totally scrambled.
> I've tried changing the defined monitor settings to match my CRT model, and
> I've tried booting with the external CRT enabled.  No dice.
> Can someone put me on the right trail to get this fixed?

Does your laptop have a Fn-key combo to swap between the main LCD and external 
VGA?  On my Inspiron 5150 I despaired of getting Twinview to work, due to 
very strange artefacts on the VGA port video only (as if the pixel clock was 
being modulated).  However, I found that if I did Fn-F8 at boot-time, before 
the grub screen, then the BIOS correctly inited the second head, and twinview 
works great after that.  So I would try that and see if there are any updated 
laptop BIOSes about.

- -Andy

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