gnome fade logout + usbkey umount

Felipe Barros fbarros at
Mon Nov 17 18:56:57 UTC 2003

try lsof(8)

lsof /dev/sda1 to see who use the device

On Mon, 2003-11-17 at 13:13, Dexter Ang wrote:
> hello again people,
> i don't know if these two problems are connected, but they happened at
> the exact same moment.
> anyway, first of all, i have a usb memory key thing (no name brand). i
> plug it in and mount it without any problems (/dev/sda1). once i try to
> umount it, it keeps on saying device is busy. this happens even if i
> don't copy any files to it!
> second... after getting frustrated with the above situation, i reboot
> just to umount the usbkey. i notice that my gnome setup no longer fades
> when i have the logout screen showing. anyway to fix this as well? it's
> eye candy, but it makes some people (who haven't seen winxp) go "oooh,
> what's that".
> thanks
> dex
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