failed upgrade lack of hard disk space

Mark Loatman mloa727 at
Tue Nov 18 02:55:39 UTC 2003

I have 3 partitions:

/dev/hde2             38393696  11123696  25319672  31% /
/dev/hde1                99043     36485     57444  39% /boot
/swap                       1024

Mark Loatman wrote:

>The issue is why would it say it is outta of drive space if there is 30gb 
>Hash: SHA1
>Mark Loatman wrote:
>| I am trying to upgrade to fedora from redhat 9.  When it transfers the
>| image to the hard disk, during the upgrade, it tells me the hard disk is
>| out of space.  There is 30gb of free space on the machine.  Has anyone
>| else had to deal with this issue?
>What kind of data is this? Is it your /home directory or just stuff from
>your personal folder. I just backup my /home/jcsitte directory using
>either using ftp onto another machine or just cp the whole thing over
>the new directory. Then I do the install of the new OS or upgrade.
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You've got to look at the partitions.   For example, many of us have little, 
dinky /var or /boot  or / partitions.   RPM databases are in
/var/lib.   If you upgrgraded from RedHat X to Redhat 9,
the likelihood of such partitioning is even higher.

Believe vme, better to be warned of not enough space than discovering it
2/3 of the way through the upgrade.

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