Modem not detected

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Tue Nov 18 19:32:35 UTC 2003

Yeah, that's funny. My cable modem connection is down and I tried my modem and it didn't recognize my modem, but FreeBSD did. Weird.


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> Hi,
> I installed Fedora last week and it works fine, except for my external 
> modem (E-Tech E56RVP+). Initialy it was detected and included during 
> install, but at all subsequent reboots kudzu complained, that the modem 
> had been removed and gave me a choice to remove it. I thought removing 
> it would force it to re-detect the modem: alas, this is not true.
> Now I am clueless how to get the modem reconnected.
> I checked using Windows, the modem is connected fine, just Fedora won't 
> recognize it....
> Guus.
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