Mozilla / Thunderbird problem

Bryan Anderson fedora at
Tue Nov 18 11:34:40 UTC 2003

Christopher Blizzard wrote:

> It's because xremote isn't as smart as it should be.  If you start up 
> Mozilla first it sometimes helps with the problem.  We're working on 
> something that will fix it.

I couldn't work with it like it was - email client is always open 
but I that meant Mozilla wouldn't open when needed. Same problem 
with Firebird (and for some reason I couldn't make Firebird stick as 
the defaul browser anyway), so have gone back to Mozilla 1.5 for 
both browser and email for the time being.

Also re-formatted and am now on Linux for everything (thankyou to 
Crossover Office for Dreamweaver MX, IrfanView and who knows what 
else that I haven't tested yet!) but still popping into Windows to
scan and for games.

Anyone have any opinions on how stable Mozilla 1.6 is? It's only an 
alpha release by the look of it and I don't want to commit to an 
upgrade if it's buggy.

Bryan Anderson <fedora at>

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