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Don dnrlinux at
Tue Nov 18 22:27:53 UTC 2003

Hey Steve... I didn't mean to invoke a "flame war".... and I understand your
efforts are on a part time basis... been there, done that, still doing it...

>From your original note asking for feedback you explicitly said "so there
may be some odd browser
behaviors, particularly for Internet Explorer.", as if that was intentional.
(My bad, that's how I interpreted your comment)

Before I ever ask for public comment on any of my web pages, I run them
through the w3 html/css validator.... my feeling then is at least I know I'm
generating/displaying correct (meets standards) html... that should solve a
lot of "your page doesn't work with my browser"-type complaints.

I wasn't expecting you to fix it in a half hour... I was simply letting you
know the problem still existed (as seen from my POV) since you said your
server had crashed and was now back.... maybe I tried while it was down....

No worries, relax, take a deep breath and have fun.... thanks for putting
this stuff together... but remember, when soliciting comments from the world
you might not always like what you hear back.

Along my travels I've learned not to offer unsolicited "help". :-)


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> Don wrote:
> > If the intention is to prevent IE6, then the server should look at the
> > browser version rather than creating "invalid" html...
> >
> > And why preclude IE6? Oh yeah, because we can and we're zealots....
> > sheesh... ironic that an "Open Source/Open Standards" fan would
> not follow
> > html standards...
> >
> > Don
> >
> Yes - I understand that the software we're using currently has some
> issues.  We're not trying to preclude anyone - I am not having any
> trouble getting the pages to display in IE6 - we ARE having a couple of
> less major issues with it.
> I've fixed the problem where the html validator chokes on the line -
> there was an illegal character in one of the templates. Yes, you will
> find that there are still plenty of  validation issues.  We're trying to
> work on that.
> Now - if you could please realize that this is a very part-time project
> that I put up in an attempt to be helpful. I'm not against some
> criticism here, and we're aware that there are some issues - but I also
> think it's kind of unreasonable that you seem to have expected us to get
> them fixed in the last half hour.  I am not going to enter into a flame
> war here.  We know there are some issues with the site. They will get
> fixed when we have a chance.
> >
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