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Brian Fahrlander Brian at
Tue Nov 18 22:48:58 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-18 at 16:22, Preston Crawford wrote:
> Anyone have any idea on this? I'm going to need my modem tonight
> to get on fricking Comcast (don't ask, long angry story). 

    Hmmm....this is the same modem as before?  Any chance the BIOS
changed at all before the install, and maybe the built-in serial ports
are butting heads?  Just a thought; my brother's on a dialup, out in the
sticks, so I'm a  *little* up to speed on it.

    Onto a bigger story- when you first installed your cable modem, did
you have to go to a special Comcast website to get 'registered'?  I
think if we had the proper time and conversation, maybe we could get you
back on the full-speed line...

    I'm on ICQ with the number below; if you'd like to discuss it before
you get back home, let me know.  (or you could call me on the phone, but
that's usually expensive...)

Brian Fahrländer                 Researcher, Conservative, and Technomad
Evansville, IN                           
ICQ  5119262
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