Slight problem on SCSI machine

Timothy Murphy tim at
Tue Nov 18 11:48:30 UTC 2003

I have a SCSI-only desktop.
Although Fedora-1 seems to be running perfectly on it,
the boot disk I was invited to make during installation does not work.
I guess it's something to do with the aic7xxx SCSI driver,
which I had to load separately, from drvblock.img .

(I cannot mkbootdisk with the Fedora kernel,
as it says the kernel is too large.
However, I compiled 2.4.22 and could mkbootdisk with this.)

Not really a complaint, just an observation.
Actually Fedora is slightly better than RH-9 in this regard,
as the kernel supplied with RH-9 did not run at all on this machine.
(Fortunately I was upgrading, so could run another kernel.)

Timothy Murphy  
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