dial up on laptop stalling out

James Dishaw DishawJP at lemoyne.edu
Tue Nov 18 12:29:41 UTC 2003

I don't know if this will answer your question, but I had a similar
oddness when setting up my FC1 install.  I generally set up an alias in
my .bashrc as connect='/sbin/ifup ppp0' to connect to my ISP with my
modem.  This didn't work with FC1 and returned an error about "ppp0
device not found' or something similar.

The work-around I used was to "cd /ect/sysconfig/network-scripts"
directory and then "cp ifcfg-myISPname ppp0" where "myISPname" was the
name of my ISP.  I've done a fair number of RH installs and never had
this happen before, but this change enables me to make my connection by
typing "connect" (without the quotes) from the command line as I have
always done and can do so from the console without having to boot to the

Jim Dishaw

Tom Caudron wrote:

I was hoping someone could help with two things.  First, I'd like to
able to activate the device (obviously <g>) and be able to surf the
on the laptop via a dial up connection.  Second, perhaps someone can
direct me to a more HIGified dialer for Gnome?  I mean, it can't be
to dial up an ISP a user should have to go to the Network Device
panel to activate the modem.  Seems kinda odd.

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